Does your child struggle with learning or have behaviour problems ?
Is your child a picky eater ?
Is your child overweight or underweight?
Does your child seem to catch every bug going and miss lots of school?

Research shows that over 90% of people who have been on a conventional weight loss programme regain the weight and more within a year. Often the diet is too restrictive and therefore not sustainable and sometimes the underlying causes of the weight increase have not been addressed. This can result in people yo-yoing between diets, feeling a failure when it doesn’t work and losing self- confidence.

Pregnancy is a very special time. The female body’s ability to create a baby is nothing short of miraculous. This is can be a time of great joy (although it is not uncommon to experience the whole emotional range) and a time when many women become interested in nutrition knowing that what they eat can not only influence their own health but also that of their growing baby.

Are you too busy, overwhelmed, perhaps overweight and unfit? Are you juggling the needs of children, managing the home and perhaps working outside the home too?

Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition E.g. type 2 diabetes, hypertension?
Has your GP or nurse suggested lifestyle or dietary changes and you don’t know where to begin?
Do you feel that your current lifestyle is contributing to your medical issues?