Research shows that over 90% of people who have been on a conventional weight loss programme regain the weight and more within a year. Often the diet is too restrictive and therefore not sustainable and sometimes the underlying causes of the weight increase have not been addressed. This can result in people yo-yoing between diets, feeling a failure when it doesn’t work and losing self- confidence.

I take a non-diet approach in which I support you to firstly restore a healthy relationship with food.

The health coaching programme will include:

  • Deconstructing cravings, understanding binge eating and emotional eating
  • Crowding out problem foods with nutritious foods that you love
  • Creating mindful and sustainable eating habits that respect your bioindividuality
  • Discovering what you are really hungry for
  • Finding balance in all aspects of your life
  • Finding exercise that you enjoy
  • Slowing down and simplifying your life so that you have room for the things that are most important to you

My approach is not about deprivation but more about how to cultivate a love of wholesome foods and a joy of life. Being healthy is not about a number on the scales -it is about having the energy and happiness to pursue your purpose in life.


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